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  1. An abbot


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Abbas (or Abbass, ) means "austere" in Arabic. (Austere: (1) severely simple in appearance. (2) strict, stern)

People named Abbas

Given name


  • Mahmoud Abbas (born 1935) aka "Abu Mazen", President of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA)
  • Ferhat Abbas (1899–1985), political leader and first (provisional) President of Algeria
  • Bonfoh Abbass (born 1948), former interim president of Togo
  • Khwaja Ahmad Abbas (born 1914), an Indian film director, Novelist, screenwriter, and a journalist.
  • Ali Ismail Abbas (born c.1990), Iraqi juvenile double amputee, a casualty of the United States invasion of Iraq in 2003
  • Hiam Abbass (born 1960), Palestinian actress
  • Nader Sufyan Abbas (born 1975), Bulgarian-Qatari weightlifter
  • Sohail Abbas (born 1977), Pakistani field hockey player
  • Zaheer Abbas (born 1947), Pakistani cricketer

People with the Kunya Abbas

  • Abu Abbas (1948–2004) aka "Muhammad Zaidan", founder of the Palestine Liberation Front (PLF) organization
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